Rufus, Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Rufus is an avid globetrotter and an open-minded idealist who speaks three languages. He loves to explore the world’s cultures, trends and foods.

In 2018, he happily left behind a corporate career to devote himself to creating a business that equally supports consumers, local communities and the environment, and he makes Vorda. Rufus passionately believes businesses can and should be run responsibly and sustainably, while always keeping in mind the impact we’re making on the natural world.

Theodore, Partner & Chief Creative Officer

Theodore admires true craftsmanship in all of its forms. After years of working as a professional tea barista in Los Angeles, he mastered the craft of preparing premium tea drinks. He also found himself obsessed with exploring how to bring out the aromas, flavors and health benefits of very pure, plant-based ingredients. With Vorda, Theodore is fully committed to this appreciation for the natural world as we seek out the best lifestyle products.

Adventurous but down-to-earth, Theodore is passionate about exploring different cultures and creating wellness experiences.

Madison, Digital Marketing Specialist

Madison enjoys spending her time outdoors, reviling in all that mother nature has to offer. Her love for nature fueled her passion for living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle while spreading that lifestyle with others.

After receiving a B.S. in Marketing Analytics from Cal State University Fullerton, she strives to get Vorda’s products into the hands of people around the world, promoting a plant based lifestyle. She is highly driven to make an impact on the world around her by instilling her creativity in everything she does.