5 Fun And Healthy Hobbies That Will Keep You Busy

Sometimes too much free time is a bad thing.

Sometimes we find ourselves with more time than we know what to do with it. Especially in our later years. Retirement? Kids and grandkids all grown up? Whatever it may be, we all need to keep those hands busy.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to say all that and not help you out with some fun and healthy hobbies for you to try out! Here’s a list of 5 hobbies that are sure to keep that body moving and the mind sharp.

1. Hiking

It’s not a secret that getting those steps in is good for your health. You could just do that in your neighborhood… or you can do that on a beautiful hiking trail filled with nature. We know one of the easiest ways to give up on your healthy habits is because it just isn’t interesting or exciting enough. But with the endless trails to choose from and the beautiful scenery, you’ll be excited to wake up and crush those miles.

Make sure you choose the appropriate trail for your skill level, bring plenty of water and snacks, and have the right gear.

On the topic of gear. Here’s what our resident hiker and the vörda office could not stress enough: Have the right footwear. All the fancy jackets and backpacks can come later (Which there are plenty of… trail fashion is real) but the right footwear is a necessity. Don’t be afraid to pick up a pair of trekking poles as well.

2. Get A Pet

Sure, adding a pet into your household comes with its own set of responsibilities. But think of the benefits.

Being responsible for your new furry friend can give you a schedule where you have none. It gives a sense of purpose and structure to an otherwise empty day. If you’re new to the structure-less life then having a pet to keep you company and keep you on a schedule will do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

Many studies exist out there that have linked improvements in your physical health and mental well-being to something as normal as having a cat or a dog.

Make sure you do your research on what pet best fits your lifestyle though! It goes beyond just a dog or a cat. Some people keep fish, reptiles, and so many other little friends. The possibilities are almost endless and exciting.

3. Classic Games

It’s 2022 and online games are no longer for angsty teens locked in their bedrooms. Take advantage of the internet and give it a try yourself, you’d be surprised by what you find.

Chess, Sudoku, and Checkers are all great games that are proven to deepen focus, improve memory, and help you become more creative.

With the advent of the internet, finding partners to play these classic games with has never been easier. So let’s drip a few drops of essential oil blend into our diffusers, cozy up on the couch, and win some chess matches.

Don’t want to go online and play them? Let’s do them in real life. Whether it’s meeting up with a friend to play chess or a nice day at the park for relaxing and sudoku, the possibilities are truly endless.

4. Gardening

Gardening has to be one of the most popular hobbies for newly retired people, and for good reason. The satisfaction of watching something grow because of your attention and care is a joy that millions of people around the world understand. Why not get in on the fun?

Get yourself some potting soil, some perlite, and let’s get started. Everyone always praises the mental health benefits of gardening, but not many realize how good of a workout it could be!

People don’t really consider gardening exercise, but if you’re gardening outdoors and working up a sweat, who’s to say it isn’t.

What would you like to grow? Is it a planter full of herbs for when you cook or a collection of rare tropical houseplants to cover every nook and cranny of your living room. Who knows, maybe you’re the one to start your neighborhood’s first community garden. Whatever you end up choosing, just know that starting it in the first place was the right choice.

5. Journaling

Now we’re not suggesting you go out there and write the next New York Times Best Seller. What we are suggesting is starting a journal. From Leonardo Davinci to Marie Curie, the act of journaling has been around for a long time and for good reason.

Just the act of writing itself gives you an opportunity to flex those brain cells! Writing can be a great way to increase productivity, achieve your goals, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Let me paint a picture for you. Your day is done and it’s time to settle in for the night. You drop a few drops of our essential oil blend into the diffuser and grab your pen. It’s time to journal.

Keeping track of your days is something of a lost art. This is something that is done purely for you and you alone. Having a daily task that can both inspire and decompress your mind is invaluable and a worthwhile hobby to pick up.

These were just 5 hobbies we wanted to showcase. We here at vörda would love to hear about any hobbies that you may have picked up! Don’t be shy, tell us in the comments below.