5 Best Places to Have an Essential Oil Diffuser

Do you have an essential oil diffuser? Did you just get it? Do you find yourself wondering where is the best place to have it? We are here to help guide you to your answer!

Of course, you can place your diffuser almost anywhere you can imagine, but we made this guide to give you some ideas on how to narrow down your list of places. We have many tips and ideas to share with you just to make your life that much easier. 😊 Now, this list is not in any order or rank, so feel free to choose what you think is best for you.

1. Living Room

The living room is the most popular room to place your diffuser because it is a central location. This central location is where you and others will pass by the most out of all the rooms. Having a particular scent in this room also sets up the mood for the rest of the house. So you can switch easily from a warm, cozy house to a cool, refreshing home! If you decide on the living room, try to put the diffuser more towards the center of the room or near a fan is a good idea so the aroma could be distributed evenly throughout the room. The living room is also an ideal room to place the diffuser because sometimes it collects the smell from last nights dinner, or smells heavily of your pets, or you just need to clear out the stench for guests coming over.

2. Bathroom

Placing a diffuser in the bathroom is a great way to eliminate the musty smell that is commonly found in humid areas. It is also time to get rid of those synthetic fresheners that you had since you last changed it 5 years ago. You might find that just simply changing the scent up in the room can brighten up the bathroom and you might want to spend more time there than usual!

3. Office/Study Room

Sometimes you find yourself avoiding the study because you think of a dark, gloomy room where you must do countless hours of work. If you spend many hours in a certain room it only makes sense to make the area feel comforting and warm. The fastest way to change up the mood in the room is by using a diffuser. Depending on the essential oil scent that you choose, you can bring a relaxing mood for concentration or a refreshing scent to energize and motivate you to tackle the workload.

4. Bedroom

The bedroom is where we can all agree we spend a lot of time at. This room is an ideal place to have your diffuser for many reasons! If you are sick, you may want an essential oil to help clear any nasal congestions or you want an aroma to allow you to destress and rest in peace. If you are having trouble sleeping, you will want a scent with lavender or chamomile to help you relax and put you in a sleeping mood. No matter the mood, your diffuser can easily help you adjust!

5. Car

It is about time we are more conscious of the plastics we buy. Enlighten yourself with how much waste is produced from car air fresheners, the ones you hang on your rearview mirror or the ones you clip onto your air vent. No matter, these air fresheners are one time use and must be thrown out to be changed to a new scent. But what if you had a car wood diffuser? The waste from a wood diffuser is cut down significantly. All you need for the diffuser to run is essential oil and the air coming out of the vents! It is as simple as that. And if the scent is faded or you want to change to a new scent, just drip it on! There is no need to throw it out or the like. And with these portable diffusers, you can easily take them anywhere you go!

We hope that this guide has helped you narrow down your choices on where you can put your essential oil diffuser. And as stated earlier, you do not need to limit your choices to these rooms. You can place your diffuser anywhere that you find safe for it! Do you have any other suggestions and ideas of your own? We would like to hear them and update the list for everyone as well! Please let us know in the comments below.