Loving Mother Earth & Helping Her as Vorda

We wanted to do things a bit differently this week and talk about our practices here at Vorda. vörda is Swedish for revere, to regard with respect. We respect everything in life that we use, from the leaves of a bush we may harvest from, to the structures made from the wood of trees. Especially since we harvest incredible botanical ingredients straight from nature for our products, we always harvest carefully, with knowledge and respect for nature to allow us to enjoy the natural wonders of Mother Earth. We enlighten ourselves to become knowledgeable about how to harvest properly and safely for all plant life. In doing so, the plants may still thrive, and none are threatened. This is the care and respect we believe all life forms on Earth need and should receive. One day, we hope everyone can achieve this goal.

We wanted to give more information to our readers and customers on how we are not only trying to inform others on how to be sustainable, but how we ourselves are trying as a company as well. Our three main points that we are going to go over are the materials of our packaging, how some of our products are made, and the materials we use to send out orders. We at Vorda have thought long and hard about each action we take on how to reduce our carbon footprint here on Earth. We are also not perfect; we update and change our ways if we find one that is lacking. If you also notice something we can update on, please don’t hesitate to let us know because we are always looking for more sustainable practices.

1. How Our Products Protect Earth

We try to follow the same practice straight onto our products themselves. A good example is our wood diffusers. Both our home diffuser and car diffusers are made from a single block of wood, minimalizing waste. The wood diffusers are sourced from certified wood suppliers, which makes them fair trade, which also creates more job opportunities because the products are handmade. And to further our beliefs, the woods have unprocessed surfaces. The uncoated wood finish makes it safe for everyone and also easily recyclable if you choose to. Most woods you find outside of Vorda are treated with chemicals and such on their surfaces to look shiny and more beautiful than their natural look.

We think each natural wood looks beautiful and unique in their own way. Since diffusers are becoming more popular day by day, you are probably familiar with the water-based diffusers. But compared to wood diffusers, they are made almost entirely of plastic, need electricity to run, and are not pet friendly. To learn more about the differences between wood and water-based diffusers, you can read our blog about it here. The biggest point to take from this is the amount of pollution that results from the production of these two types of diffusers. Creating the plastics and such for the water-based diffusers results in much pollution during manufacturing compared to the almost zero pollution for the wood diffusers.

2. How We Minimize Packaging Waste

The next point we are going to go over is the packaging that we place our products in. We are committed to use as little plastic as possible from our manufacturing down to our packaging. You must know how bad plastic is to animals and Earth in general, and how it takes lifetimes until it is degraded. Therefore, we made a vow to use as little plastic in all our products as much as possible.

If you have ordered with us before, you will notice almost all of our products are in these cardboard canisters or boxes. We have very little amounts of plastic in our packaging, only using it when it is really necessary. We have also excluded those clear plastics that cover each product, something consumers are very familiar dealing with when opening packages. We think those plastics are unnecessary and we have found other ways to protect and seal our products. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

3. How We Practice Sustainability On Orders

The final step when we complete transactions is to send out our products to our customers. Of course, we want to enlighten others about our beliefs as well. So we try to minimalize our packaging for orders and make them sustainable as possible. Every product is cushioned by paper instead of those annoying and hazardous packing peanuts and air pillows, which are also not friendly to the environment. We try to have the no plastic mindset straight from the start of our product to the warehouse and then to you.

And there you have it, this is our way of trying to be sustainable as a company. We still have much room to grow but we will surely get there soon to being plastic free and 100% environmentally friendly. Please be patient with us since we are currently a small company. We do hope that we can be even more sustainable each day in the future. If you know of more ways we can be sustainable, please let us know in the comments. Have a great week and until next time.